Make life easier with Guestroom Genie – the all-in-one bespoke hospitality management software specifically designed for boutiques, bed and breakfasts and small hotel management. Many small hoteliers are realising the benefits of exchanging multiple systems for one easy to use software package and are noticing the positive effects this change has had on their businesses.

Work smarter

Smaller hoteliers are susceptible to spending time and money on repetitive administration as they are often owner-operated. By streamlining your hotel management through one simple, convenient, cost-effective application, your information is kept in one place, removing unnecessary administrative tasks and hassle, leaving you free to invest more time into what you want.

Manage your hotel’s operations

Guestroom Genie provides a complete solution, securely and reliably enabling you to manage your hotel’s operations easily at a glance. Our software centralises operations for you and includes the following key features;

  • Reservation tracker

Tracking reservations is crucial to selling rooms to capacity whilst avoiding overbooking and unhappy customers.

  • Specify rooms and rates

Establish price structures including discounts, special offers, block, and group bookings. Guestroom Genie provides you with the flexibility to alter peak rates to your specifications.

  • List room facilities and hotel amenities

Providing information regarding services and equipment helps to ensure your rooms correspond with your guest’s expectations and requirements, promoting satisfied customers. And of course, guest satisfaction contributes to an increased guest return rate.

  • Check-in/ check-out date tracker

Follow check-in and check-out dates with accuracy and minimal effort.

  • Manage room status and condition

Guestroom Genie enables room status and condition management facilitating the smooth distribution of required service tasks.

Optimise housekeeping management

Maintenance and cleaning schedules can be managed effectively with Guestroom Genie, increasing efficiency, quality, and profit. By employing smart scheduling, you can maximize staff housekeeping productivity and reduce labor costs. Staff can log in to access their rotas, providing transparent staff coordination and easy to follow assigned service schedules, to ensure tasks have a balanced distribution and are actioned within your priorities and standards.

Simplify staff training

Intuitively designed, Guestroom Genie provides user-friendly software, avoiding slow and inefficient staff training sessions, reducing errors, and allowing new staff members to be confident and capable.

Signing up is easy!

Guestroom Genie can streamline your management systems and reduce labor costs; click here to sign-up and have all your hospitality management wishes granted.

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