Running a hotel, boutique, guesthouse, or bed and breakfast at a profit all year round can be challenging. Here at Guestroom Genie we have compiled 8 top ways to help boost your revenue and maximise your profits…

1. The big breakfast

If you offer breakfast at an extra cost, don’t forget to promote it! Often guests like to feel part of the local culture which is enhanced by experiencing local foods. You may wish to highlight breads and pastries are homemade or from a local bakery, with locally sourced honey etc. Offer packages to suit your guests needs, for example a leisurely social breakfast in your dining area, or a romantic breakfast in bed. Some guests may be running to a tight time schedule and may opt for a grab and go option comprising pastries, fruit, and fresh tea or coffee.

2. Dining in

There may be other attractive restaurants located near to your hotel. If you have a small restaurant or dining area, make this appealing to your guests so that they are more likely to spend extra money with you rather than elsewhere. You may wish to promote a menu containing seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, and/or other factors such as convenience.

3. Upsell by personalising your offers

You may choose to offer individual additional services for a small fee, such as room service, a bottle of wine or locally brewed beer, and so forth. You may also choose to combine several luxury extras into packages to suit your guests. Examples include “Romantic weekend” packages, which may comprise flowers and champagne on arrival, luxury bathrobes and late check out, a “business” package, which may include a wake-up call, morning paper and breakfast to go, or a “birthday” package, which may comprise cake, balloons, and banners on arrival.

4. The importance of a good review

Many people turn to travel guidance platforms to read reviews prior to booking their accommodation. However, people are becoming more wary of such sites. In 2020, nearly 1 million reviews on Tripadvisor were found to be fake. It is important to be pro-active in obtaining authentic reviews to promote your business. It may not occur to your guests to leave feedback, even if they have had a wonderful experience. By providing the opportunity to give feedback, you increase the likelihood that guests will engage. Consider in-room customer surveys, and email requests. Ensure you respond in a timely, professional manner, and act on any negative feedback where possible to fix unseen problems.

5. Referral schemes

Happy guests can be encouraged to refer their friends, family, and work colleagues to also book with you. You may offer a promotional code to add discount to their stay. Building a bank of satisfied, loyal guests who rebook is a powerful way to ensure a steady stream of income.

6. Social media marketing

Having an online presence is an easy way to advertise your hotel and its services to a wide variety of potential guests. Know your market and what times are best to post pictures and updates by doing a little online research. Post new information often and engage positively with comments to build a good reputation and customer loyalty.

7. Keep in touch

Be sure to collect email addresses from guests to send out newsletters regarding promotions, short notice availability in a quick, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

8. Save extra time and money…

…by investing in property management software, to simplify your bookings and boost revenue. If you rely on a manual booking system, it’s a great time to get your accommodation seen by more potential customers. To find out more, why not contact Guestroom Genie today on 0114 207 0221, or to see how our product can work for you. Alternatively, try our Essentials Package for FREE; prepare for your wishes to be granted.


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