The Christmas and New Year period can be an extra special annual celebration. During this time, many people are able to take holidays and travel to visit friends and relatives, making the festive period an ideal time to consider ways to maximise the revenue of your hotel, bed and breakfast or boutique.

Here at Guestroom Genie, we have compiled our top 5 List of things you could consider implementing to maximise profits…

Festive hotel restaurant

1. Guests Paying a Little More…

Increase in travel in December and January often leads to an increase in demand for accommodation.

Considering the most fundamental economic principle of demand exceeding supply, a rise in prices is anticipated by hotel guests at this time.

Consider rising your standard rates to a reasonable seasonal rate if your business is usually fully booked around Christmas and New Year.

2. Minimum Stays…

It is worth considering setting a minimum stay rule to a fixed number of nights to maximise room occupancy and manage turnover.

You could also offer discounts to guests if they extend their stay if you have capacity.

3. Extra trimmings…

It’s that time of year when even the more Scrooge-like amongst us are willing to splash out on a little luxury.

Consider sending out e-mailshots to guests advertising the extras you have on offer and inviting them to treat themselves.

Items could include: 

  • bottles of champagne and/or chocolates on arrival,
  • advance hotel restaurant bookings, or room service for a cosy breakfast in bed.

Capitalise on the enhanced buying mood!


4. Going the Extra Mile…

Your guests have travelled miles to spend this special time of the year in your accommodation.

Why not go the extra mile and add a personal touch for each guest?

Consider a small festive greeting card with mini mince pies on arrival, making your guests feel special and giving you an edge on your competitors (be sure to enquire about allergies and dietary requirements beforehand to avoid guest disappointment).

It’s the little well thought out details that will make your property stand out, earn 5 star reviews, gain word of mouth recommendations, and keep your guests coming back for more.

5. Home Away from Home…

Your guests will be travelling for different reasons; therefore, it can be a good idea to consider the holiday period as an overall experience:

  • Consider putting up some cheerful fairy lights and a Christmas tree in your lobby.
    First impressions last a long time, and this will set the tone for your guests stay. It also provides a happy, festive environment for your staff.
    If you are buying decorations for the first time, consider buying quality items that can be used for many years to come.
  • If you have a lounge area, you could host a Christmas movie night.
    Offer homemade popcorn sprinkled with cinnamon for an inexpensive, festive, homely snack
  • Consider any existing menus, snack, and beverage options you currently have, and add a festive twist, e.g., add champagne cocktails, mulled wines, and hot ciders to drinks menus.
    Liaise with local independent food and drink producers to offer something original that promotes your location, supports local business, encourages environmentally friendly policy, and sets you apart from hotel chains.

To afford you more time to add those extra special touches, ensuring your guests experience a truly unforgettable stay, why not try Guestroom Genie?

Guestroom Genie is a property and reservation system that strives to simplify your day-to-day administration tasks through one straightforward, cost effective application.

You can manage your rates and reservations, and organise maintenance and cleaning schedules simply and efficiently, giving you time to heat the mulled wine and trim the tree!

With a range of subscription plans to meet your unique requirements, why not contact Guestroom Genie today and see what wishes we can grant for you this Christmas.

Merry Christmas from the Team @ Guestroom Genie
Merry Christmas from the Team @ Guestroom Genie
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