Lockdown measures and travel restrictions have resulted in an extended difficult period for the hospitality industry. Financial recovery predictions for this sector have indicated four years to return to 2019 business levels. In this climate, time and money saving measures need to be implemented where possible without reducing quality, cleanliness, or overall guest experience. So, how can your business achieve this?

Finally, UK hotels, bed and breakfasts, hostels, boutiques, caravans, and boats are able to open for business to the UK public. Such businesses can receive reservations from a range of booking sources, including in person, over the telephone, and via online bookings. Historically third-party hotel listing sites, known as Online Travel Agents (OTAs), have been thought to offer the most competitive prices by comparing costs across various websites and claiming to secure the best deal in a convenient way. However, an investigation by Which? found that eight out of ten hotels they contacted directly were able to offer a better deal than using an OTA. But why is this?

Whilst OTAs can get your hotel seen by a large number of potential new customers, they can charge significant commission rates, which will either need to be absorbed by your customers or your business. Which? reports OTAs typically charge between 15 and 25 per cent commission for every booking they provide. Additionally, using OTAs does not reduce the requirement to have your own website and booking form.

Here at Guestroom Genie, we pride ourselves on offering the very best service we can provide for our customers. We listen to feedback and ensure we invest time reviewing and revising our systems for potential improvements. In line with this, Guestroom Genie has launched a new feature to enhance our Property Management System and your customer’s experience. By adding a small plugin to your website, your customers can now be directed to a booking form which affords 24/7 real-time availability and pricing checks for your different rooms, before making a reservation. This ensures you can receive direct, online bookings without paying commission to a third-party mediator, saving you and your guests, money. Sound good? There’s more…

With Guestroom Genie’s unique Property Management System, you have the full flexibility to set the rates you choose, when you want, using our comprehensive features:

  • Easily alter room rates based on a specific day of the week, e.g., to offer weekday discounts
  • Optimise revenue and occupancy by setting competitive rates seasonally based on a range of dates, e.g., winter discounts, peak time summer holiday price increases, and price rises for anticipated busy periods such as local festivals and events
  • Rate alterations calculated by the number of guests staying in a room, e.g., per-person additional charging
  • Suit your own individual property rules with full flexibility regarding your child policy, e.g., if your hotel permits children to stay, specifying what age range defines children, and how many children can stay in a room

The rates you set can be competitive as you and/ or your guests will no longer have to absorb any of the costs accrued by paying large sums to OTAs, leaving you and your customers to enjoy commission-free bookings via telephone, in person or via your website. This is just one way Guestroom Genie can help to save your business money.

If you are wishing for a great hospitality management solution to help streamline your business, saving you time and money, let Guestroom Genie grant your wishes! As we are dedicated to saving you money, and are so confident you’ll love our Property Management System, we are offering a FREE trial! Visit guestroomgenie or call 0114 207 0221 today to speak to a member of our team.

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