Does juggling your reservations make your business feel more like Heartbreak Hotel?

Does the struggle to keep track of your reservations cause you frustration?

Guestroom Genie can grant your wishes, taking the heartache out of your hotel management.

As a hotel owner, there are many different commonly used, yet flawed methods of attempting to keep track of your various reservations. The pitfalls of these methods could be the source of your stress. Reservations should not cause you such agitation.

Many hotel owners make use of multiple spreadsheets in order to keep track of their reservations. However, this method is ineffectual. It can be confusing as all your crucial booking information is not stored in one place, therefore it can be easy to lose track of information. As well as this, if these spreadsheets are stored on only one device they cannot be accessed by multiple members of staff so you have to spend needless time and energy contacting all staff members to impart this information to them. This can lead to miscommunication and misunderstandings regarding critical reservation details, thus threatening your business. Moreover, constantly switching between multiple spreadsheets is frustrating and time-consuming, as well as the fact that if your device fails or crashes these documents could be lost.

Similar issues arise with a written diary system; it is easy to lose track of information as there is no concrete filing system. Paper documents take up unnecessarily space causing clutter and disorganisation, and they can easily be misplaced or forgotten about. Furthermore, misreading and mishaps can be caused by a lack of clarity oaf note form or the handwriting within the written diary. A written diary can be easily lost or misplaced, throwing all reservations into jeopardy as there is no backup copy. And again, the diary is not accessible to all members of the team and staff which can lead to miscommunication and lack of efficiency, wasting your time and money.

Another flawed system of bookings management is the employment of expensive software, designed not for small business owners like yourself but for big corporations. Buying such software is not only a waste of money but a waste of time. Software such as this is not tailored specifically to the needs of smaller business owners and your serviced apartment, they are overly complex and hard to navigate. They do not have your specific needs at heart, unlike Guestroom Genie which is specifically designed for the needs of smaller business owners of serviced apartments, B&B’s or pub hotels.

For liberation from stressful reservation management, Guestroom Genie is the solution. No need for a magic lamp, Guestroom Genie is a progressive web app that runs right through your browser so it is accessible and user-friendly. Guestroom Genie serves to simplify and maximise the management of your reservations with its simple to use, intuitive diary system. You can input all your reservations into the diary system and it will lay them out clearly and succinctly with all relevant information readily available, providing you with clarity and efficiency. Furthermore, this dairy system can be accessed by multiple staff members such as any members of the management team as well as any members of maintenance and cleaning staff through specifically designed logins. Therefore, all staff members on the same page, there is no room for miscommunication or loss of crucial information as it is all clearly and effectively stored in one easily accessible location. All team members of your business are enabled to have access to the same important information at any and all times, ensuring your business runs smoothly. With Guestroom Genie you can put your mind at rest and your feet up, as you are safe in the knowledge that you have improved your business management, as all your reservations are safely stored in a clear, available and efficient manner.

Management made magic with Guestroom Genie.

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