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An organised schedule for your hotel cleaning and maintenance is integral in order to run your business cost-effectively and smoothly. Therefore, be conscientious with your cleaning rota. Here are some key tips to improve your cleaning rota in order to make your business more productive and profitable.

Firstly, time and money can be saved through the use of accessible and clear task lists and agendas written prior to cleaning staff arriving, detailing what are the priorities, what needs to be done and in what order it is to be completed. This will ensure the cleaning of your hotel will be carried out in line with your hotel’s standards and needs, as the cleaning staff will know exactly what is expected of them and what needs to be achieved, rather than tasks being incomplete or poorly executed.

Following on from this tip, the improvement of communication between management and cleaning and maintenance staff will maximise efficiency and minimise time-wasting and costs, as there will be less miscommunication and misunderstanding if communication channels are open and clear. Better rapport and communication between management and staff can improve the overall efficiency of the workflow in your business.

Finally, another smart and easy way to save money is to reduce the number of days a week the cleaners come in. However, you must ensure that in doing this you do not sacrifice the quality of your hotel’s cleanliness by being understaffed and consequently under-cleaned. But how can you simultaneously reduce the number of days cleaning staff are needed as well as guaranteeing the same high standard of cleaning? That’s where Guestroom Genie comes in.

As if by magic, Guestroom Genie can maximise the efficiency of your business. Through the use of the maintenance component of the progressive web app, cleaning staff are enabled to login and view their cleaning rota from their computer, phone or tablet. Therefore, Guestroom Genie provides a cleaning rota that is clear, simple and accessible. Consequently, Guestroom Genie can improve the communication between you, the business manager, and the cleaning and maintenance staff as crucial and relevant information is accessible and clear, thus time and money will not be misplaced on miscommunications.

Furthermore, the cleaning rota provided by Guestroom Genie is designed to optimise the management of your business, making running your establishment simpler and more cost-effective. Guestroom Genie utilises an intuitive algorithm that suggests the most economical day for the maintenance and cleaning staff to come in and clean multiple rooms at once, taking into account crucial details such as check-in and out dates and which rooms are a priority for cleaning. This useful and productive feature of Guestroom Genie means that you can reduce the number of days the cleaning staff are needed without jeopardising the quality and cleanliness of your hotel rooms, thus saving your hotel money and making your business as efficient as possible.

Guestroom Genie works like a charm in the advancement and improvement of your business management.

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